Ale House Near Alexan LoHi

When you first move into a new apartment, exploring the neighborhood is always a good thing to do once you’re unpacked and settled in. Perhaps you’ll seek a movie theater, or a new restaurant soon to gain a new regular. However, for some of us, a nice drink can make all the difference, and if you want something a little more than a sports bar, then any resident of Alexan LoHi’s luxury apartments will know of just the place that seems to be the craft beer lover’s fantasy. That place is, of course, Ale House.


Located in what was formerly Amato of Denver, Ale House has taken the artistic vibe left behind by the sculptors work, both in a literal sense with the statues left behind as scenery, and in the artistic touch that Ale House pours into every glass, just as Amato poured himself into each and every fountain and statue he created. Owned by Breckenridge Brewery and Wynkoop Brewery, two of the earliest breweries to kick off the craft beer craze, Ale House provides an amazing balance of delicious food and a wide selection of craft beer to please everyone from the craft beer snob to the first time drinker. Beer isn’t the only drinks they serve either, as they feature a menu of cocktails, spirits, and wines to please those who want something a little harder than a beer. This and many other factors make Ale House the perfect place for a drink, no matter what your tastes.


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