Luxury Apartments in Denver

Finding the right home often means discovering a true balance of luxury inside, and outside, your new luxury apartment home. This balance is exactly what you will find in the luxury community and apartment amenities that are unique to the Alexan LoHi at Dickinson Plaza, luxury apartment homes in Denver Colorado. Beyond features that go beyond your imagination, you can enjoy them inside floorplans that offer plenty of space with layouts that let you live the life you have always dreamed of. Waiting just around the corner, is a neighborhood you can be proud to show your friends with a spectacular night on the town. The life you have always wanted is waiting for you.

You should expect the same attention to detail and personal comfort in the community features outside your door, as...

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Lower Highlands Luxury Apartment Homes

Beginning to enjoy the life of luxury you richly deserves starts with choosing the right place to live. When you make your move to the Alexan LoHi at Dickinson Plaza luxury apartment homes in Denver Colorado, you have taken your first steps into a larger and luxurious world. Enjoy premiere luxury apartment and community amenities that are full of the features that overflow with personal...

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Fabulous Denver One-Bedroom Apartments

There’s a level of fabulousness that everyone wishes to achieve, even if you may not recognize it at first. It may be something as simple as finding a job that you both love and has good enough pay for your standards or finding a romantic partner that’s the perfect fit for you, or it could be as grandiose as wanting a high-end penthouse or manor to live in or to ride that sweet sportscar...

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Fresh Brewed Beverages in Denver

Beer is a classic staple to many events: sports fans grab a glass while cheering on their favorite teams, it’s a great reason to gather around with friends and to enjoy each other’s company, and with so many different flavors, blends, and seasonal brews there’s a perfect mixture for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a chance to celebrate or to explore the city and culture of Denver,...

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Errands Made Easy in Our Denver Apartment Community

Adulthood is both a liberating and a debilitating threshold to cross: on one hand, you have newfound independence to pursue your passions, to find a job that best fits to your strengths, and to start living your own...

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