Two-Bedroom Apartments Made for Roomies in Denver

There are a lot of benefits for finding a friend or family member to room with: for one, all your expenses and chores will be, more or less, cut in half, saving you both funds and time for things that matter more in your lives; secondly, it gives you someone to rely on, whether it’s simply someone you can talk to at the end of the day or to give you a helping hand in emergency situations. Here at Alexan LoHi at Dickinson Plaza, we want you to enjoy your company, which is why all our luxury apartments offer ample space and floor plan designs to fit all your needs.

Our first of many two-bedroom luxury floor plans, the B1, is great for roommates, small families, folks with frequent visitors, and those who want the extra room for their home office or hobby space alike. It features...

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Burgers and Beer to Boast About in Denver

There’s hardly a more classic American food combo than a juicy hamburger, a cold beer poured from a tap or bottle, and perhaps an addition of addicting fries. It’s the kind of meal that gathers friends together,...

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A Luxury Apartment Community Full of Energy and Food in Denver

Food is such a huge focus on human culture for a reason: it’s our main sustenance, after all, and we enjoy a wide variety of meals in order to properly nourish our bodies for every breakfast, lunch, and dinner....

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New Tech for a New Home at Our Denver Highland Park Apartments

New technology always has this sense of charm to it. After all, getting an upgrade in the things you already own – such as new version to a laptop or smartphone you currently have – gives you easier access to...

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Sweet Studio Apartments at Dickinson Plaza

Alexan LoHi’s sweet studio apartments at Dickinson Plaza, are great for many reasons: for starters, they offer the same great amenities that many other apartments have at a fraction of the cost; they’re perfect...

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