THE Luxury Studio Apartment in Denver with Alexan LoHi

When searching for a luxury apartment in a thriving urban center like Denver, you’ll of course have many options on all key factors that will help you make your decision, such as quality interiors, amazing community amenities, a convenient neighborhood placement, or just the right floor plan for your needs. Let’s say you’re looking for a studio apartment in an upscale neighborhood with luxury shown in the interiors and community amenities provided. If that’s the case, then Alexan LoHi is just what you’re looking for, and our S3 Studio floor plan is the perfect layout for your needs.


On entry to the S3, you will have the bathroom access to your left, out of the way and perfectly placed for the event of guests, ensuring a bit of privacy. Just past this to...

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Ale House Near Alexan LoHi

When you first move into a new apartment, exploring the neighborhood is always a good thing to do once you’re unpacked and settled in. Perhaps you’ll seek a movie theater, or a new restaurant soon to gain a new regular. However, for some of us, a nice drink can make all the difference, and if you want something a little more than a sports bar, then any resident of Alexan LoHi’s luxury...

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Denver Apartment Community Amenities for Busy Hands

Life has an annoying tendency to get hectic at the worst times: suddenly your job piles you with fifty assignments at once – all due within the same time frame, your car breaks down in the middle of a crowded...

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Modern Tech for Modern Apartments in Denver

Today’s technology has accelerated so much, it’s hard to keep up with it sometimes. Once you get the newest smartphone in your collection, the manufacturer is already making an upgrade for it; new inventions are...

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A Two-Bedroom Apartment in Home Denver with Style

Perhaps the best thing about renting a two-bedroom apartment is the possibilities that come with it, even if you plan on living on your own. It means that you can have a spare room ready for your visiting family or...

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