Denver Art Museum near Alexan LoHi

There’s a common phrase that rings truth to all people: beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some people may love the smooth texture of a marble carving, painstakingly chipped to perfection; others may like the classic oil paintings that adorn many home walls, from the smooth and polished landscapes to the chaotic and layered abstract shapes; and several more that like every piece of art in between. Here at Alexan LoHi at Dickinson Plaza, our luxury apartments give you the chance to see all that beauty in one spot.

The Denver Art Museum is the biggest art gallery in town, featuring artwork from all around the world since the beginning of human history. It’s located only three miles away from our luxury apartments, so you can reach there easily by car in fifteen minutes, or you can save on parking and gas and take a half-hour bus ride straight to the museum. Featuring nearly 5,000 unique masterpieces, it’s almost impossible to see everything in one visit. Explore the ancient murals and sculptures of Asia, see all the artworks created from the New World, including local old and current Native American tribes, and even see some contemporary photos depicting both the light and dark side of humanity. Special events cycle throughout each month, such as the daily guided tours, lectures by professional artists and historians all over the world, kid and family games, exclusive exhibitions and holiday events, and so much more; that way it’s almost impossible to experience the same visit twice.

Find the beauty in your eye here at Alexan LoHi. Subscribe to our alert service online for notifications about our luxury apartments as we prepare to open for leasing this Spring, and make a trip to the Denver Art Museum for an unforgettable journey.

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